30th Oct 2012: "Doctorate day"

Oct 2012: Pietro, Barbara, Antonella, Cristiano at ICES12

29th Sep 2012: Workshop in Honour of Prof. E. Arimondo, Pisa

Sep 2012: Onofrio invited to talk at SIF2012, Napoli

Sep 2012: Pietro chairs at NFO, San Sebastian

Jul 2012: Onofrio visits UCL & Cambridge

Jul 2012: Giovanni Volpe visits the Nano-Soft Lab

June 2012: Cristiano wins the best poster award at IONS, Naples

June 2012: Rania, Sebastiano, Cristiano and Nino at IONS, Naples

8th Jun 2012: 'Young Minds' visit to the Planetarium in Reggio Calabria

21st-23rd May 2012: IPCF general Meeting

17th May 2012: Appunti di Fisica Teorica

2nd-4th May 2012: NanoAntenna Meeting

2nd Mar 2012: Onofrio & Phil visiting prof. J. J. Saenz

26th Feb 2012: Onofrio invited to talk at NanoSpain 2012

26th-31st Jan 2012: Onofrio visiting UCL group (RS project)

29th Nov 2011: IPCF Scientific Committee is visiting our Messina Labs

24th Nov 2011: Maria Grazia, Onofrio, & Phil visiting Oxford BEC group (Prof. C. J. Foot)

21st-26th Nov 2011: Maria Grazia & Onofrio visiting UCL group (RS project)

14th Nov 2011: Submission to JQSRT Special Issue (ELS XIII) is Open

8th Nov 2011: "Doctorate Day"

7-12th Nov 2011: Phil Jones (UCL) visiting our group (Royal Society project)

Oct 2011: OT of SiNW published ASAP in Nano Letters

26-30 Sept 2011: ELS XIII Conference (Taormina)

Sept 2011: Laser cooling of hybrid nanostructures published in ACS Nano

Jul 2011: Re-radiation in SERS from AuNW published in ACS Nano